dear salty sailor,

well here it is, your last update for a while. in a day’s time you’ll be home, part of this party. craaaaaazy. it’s always a little mystifying to go threw the warpzone of life with and without you. gosh, i really wish i had a major 80s band that could sing a song about that…

i wish i had the energy to editorialize more of our life these past coupla days but i don’t. just lots of the same old routines. sometimes i really love routines. i’m ready to break out a little bit though. good timing since you’ll come home and shake things up a bit. here’s a few last pics before you see it all live. beware: these kids have grown up a lot in these past 3 months.

i get a lot of credit for this child’s features but that facial expression is 100% mike wright.

we’ll see you in 36 hrs baby. safe travels. hope you packed a parka. all my love.

your adoring, exhausted, over-the-moon-excited-to-see-you wifey.



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