wuv. true wuv. part 3.

and now it’s time to party…

well that’s it. when i look back over these pictures i can’t believe it was a year ago, today. it seems simultaneously so long ago but just yesterday. what i really can’t believe is how this wedding was ever pulled off and how it came together as lovely as it did. i was an organizational mess! i didn’t give anyone any direction. i’m astounded at how lovely our photos are when i didn’t really give mary catherine any direction or input or anything! you’ll notice we don’t have any organized photos of family and barely any of the bridal party. i’m very sorry. i wish i could have been a little more organized but there’s nothing i can do about it now. i wish we could throw a wedding every year and get to do all the details over again.

i want to say a big thank you to my parents, mike’s parents and our wedding party for all the work and thought they put into our big day. we are so grateful for everything you put together for us on our wedding weekend. james crothers, if you’re reading this then please know that i’ve cried like TWICE in the past coupla weeks thinking about the fact that you performed our ceremony.

i feel so incredibly fortunate. that’s what that day instilled in me. the blessings and fortunes of this small life i lead. my husband and daughter are my world and it was an honor to share that with everyone for one day. i honestly feel so lucky that darla got to witness mike and i being wed. more than witness, she was really the star of the show. just like in our life. sharing this day with everyone was very important to mike and i. in my heart, i’ve been married to mike since July 5, 2007. to me, the day wasn’t about binding ourselves to one another and “from this day forward” vows because that had been done long before. our wedding was about bringing others into the love that we have for each other. i think that was accomplished.

to mike, i can’t put into words what you already know. i can’t say anything that will do it justice. i love you. elephant shoes and olive juice. happy anniversary.


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