we be scrubbin’

i bet you were wondering what i did with the foraged mint we found this weekend. or maybe you weren’t. probably not. b/c you’re normal and you aren’t interested in every little thing i do or say or think. why are you even reading this? ha ha ha ho ho ho he he he. hum. sorry.

i decided to make a sugar scrub with our mint, which turned out to be spearmint. it was so simple and quick that i’m officially never going to buy a sugar or salt scrub again.

I used the above pictured safflower oil b/c it is “high in antioxidant vitamin e” which has natural preservative qualities. then it was simply a matter of measuring out sugar, oil, and crushing the spearmint before mixing. i didn’t even mess with measuring cups, just eyeballed it. also, i of course gave the mint a thorough washing to make sure “deer dew” wasn’t a secret ingredient.

the end result was a scrub that smelled so scrumptious i wanted to stick my hands in my mouth and chew on them for hours to freshen my breath.


2 thoughts on “we be scrubbin’

  1. yo. are you interested in foraging and shizz? alls i know now is morel mushrooms, but i’m into seeing what’s going on round here. a friend wise-ened me up to the pawpaw scene, but that’s as far as i know. i’m into the urban foraging deal especially: hey, no one will eat all the __ from my __ tree: come getums.

    • yeah, i think i’m interested. this was an accidental forage but i’ve read a bit about it. i also feel like my horticultural knowledge needs a big boost. that’s my life theme: i need to know more stuff!

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