here i go, here i go

about to head off to my classes. just wanted to leave you all with a nice summary of birth statistics in the estados unidos that i saw recently on a friends site. i wonder, what can one more doula do to the course of these numbers? we’re gonna find out. wish me luck!

A Breakdown of Births
Via: Ultrasound Technician

ps. huh huh huh i said doula do huh huh huh


2 thoughts on “here i go, here i go

  1. I hope it is fabulous and inspiring. You know, there is a midwives tale that, after attending a doula training or birth worker seminar of some sort, a high number of participants end up pregnant themselves. Something about basking in all the good birth mojo. My teacher actually warned us to double up on contraception for the several months following our training.

    • jenna, i just saw your comment as i was getting into my email to message mike that i want another baby. not even lying. i gotta remember to not get myself in pup so i can finish what i’ve started. thank you for your kind words!

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