Dear Salty Sailor,

i’d like to start off this post by thanking you for the sacrifice you make so that we can lead the fortunate life we do. it doesn’t seem fair that you spend half your year away from darla so that i can spend all my days with her. i love you so much for giving me that gift. have you noticed how much you are missed, loved, and appreciated when you are not home? i will try to make it more of the same when the waves push you ashore again.

now I’ll start you on updates of our life this week. a lonely three months without you is quickly filling up with plans of travels and visits and new life experiences. sept and oct will put us in la, dc and indiana for sure and we’re getting a lovely cosmic cousin visit in early oct, too. fun abounding. Wednesday was our first day back with the burkeybuns household and my heart was bursting with joy the entire time, well all except for 5 minutes when i foolishly let adam lock darla and i out of the house with him and little joni inside. then my heart was bursting with fear. i managed to talk him into unlocking the door by promising copious amounts of m&ms and pleading that a wild animal might get us if he left us out. It served as a reminder that momma needs to stay on her toes. The kids, they learn new tricks. That’s about it, other than the ususal routine of activities, outings with friends and lots of snuggles and laughs and even some productive down time for me. It’s been a good week.

all right, sea dog, here’s your bone. I know it’s what you really want… quips then pics.

-after riding silently in the backseat for some time she asked “mom, does a cat know it’s a cat? does a cat know it says meow?” our child is an existentialist genius. – when i asked her what she is gonna do when she got older she said “get weeds out of my garden.” how ambitious. she has acquired a babydoll from my parents house which she started calling “baby darla” she then started saying that she is “elaine.” when i asked her who i was she looked at me and said “um, you are nobody.” so much material there i’m just gonna let it ride itself. – at the zoo she saw another kids stroller that had a play steering wheel for the child while he/she rides. she pointed at it and said “mom i wish i had one of those wheels for driving but…” BIG DRAMATIC SIGH complete with sidewards glance and arm flip “i don’t.” she has moved on from existentialist theory to mastering the art of subtle manipulation. lastly, she put on a pair of black dress up wings at firefly and said “look, mom! i’m a pegasus!” fairies are so overdone.

enjoy your pics. we miss you a trilllions!

love your former fwife, now wife.


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