Dear Salty Sailor,

We miss you like whoa over here. I thought you might appreciate a catsup on our little bambino. Here are some pics and quips of her hilariousness this week.

-She had a conversation with a deceased house fly in which she said “Oh hey little guy! You’re dead. But, that’s ok. It’s just part of life.” – She talks about Zeus at least once a day, especially when we’re out on the bike. She likes to state that both Zeus and Daddy are in Greece and Zeus sleeps in the clouds. – We watched PeeWee’s Big Adventure for the first time this week. She sat enraptured through the whole schlangdang thang. Not one peep until the credits started rolling. Then she simply turned to me with a huge grin, threw her hands up in excitement and proclaimed “He found his bike!” Glad to know the basic concepts are getting through. Also, I’m sorry you weren’t here for the unveiling of P. Dubbya’s Big Adventure to her brain but I thought it was appropriate given our two-wheel lifestyle as of late. Lastly, she asked if she could do some “crayoning” this morning.

That’s about it for now. We’re enjoying a weekend at Papaw and CeeCee’s house in which Darla wants nothing to do with me. Sigh.

Sending you lots of love. Your former fwife,



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