Gypsies use the back door

What tastes better than regular breakfast? Gypsy Breakfast!

Nowadays, folks can just buy whatever they want instead of using some old-fashioned ingenuity. There is a gadget out there to do just about everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Especially in parenting. It still baffles me all the things parents pull out of their bag-o’-tricks to entertain, clothe, and diaper children. Necessity is the mother of invention. Invention requires creativity and a little gumption. I’ll boast by saying I’m proud that Mike and I have taken on parenting in a somewhat DIY type fashion. I think we fall somewhere slightly between 2 and 3 on a scale from 1 to 10 in regards to Gadget Parenting. To me, the creativity of parenting is one of the most rewarding aspects. It can be more tasking but creating games, stories, activities to help my toddler get through life lets me flex my imagination. Coming up with a way to dress my child for a week with only a burlap sack and an old shoe lace sounds like a challenge I’d be up for. If you are a new or expecting parent I HIGHLY urge you to forgo some of the gizmos that are seemingly shoved down your throat these days.

One of my favorite tricks as of late is probably one of the oldest in the oldest parenting book: DRESS UP! My already flashy wardrobe comes in handy so no mass produced kids costumery is used in our house. Wrap a coupla scarves around your head and have yourself a Gypsy Breakfast. Seems like the child likes to wolf it down a little better when in character. Mama might too…


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