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i was invited to a client’s mommy shower this past weekend. the hostess conducted a bead blessing ceremony in which each attendee contributed a bead to the mother and gave her a blessing. then the mom can string them all together to wear as a necklace/bracelet for her labor, birth and transition of the new family dynamic. it was an incredibly sweet event and i hope to conduct a mommy shower for friends in the future to be able to do this again.

my blessing, coming from the doula’s perspective, was that the mother finds her power in surrender. it’s something birth has taught me that i try to remind myself daily. so much about our modern world is about control. sometimes surrender is our greatest power.


there are days, even on the heels of a great birth and a fantabulous prenatal sesh, that i question my calling to birth work.

yesterday i was sending up little conversations to the cosmos asking for guidance and some reassurance that i’m on the right path. lo and behold, i received a notification that i was the winner of a national contest from The Midwives Alliance of North America for their Doula Love package. i am so pumped!

and immediately after i received a message requesting an interview for services next year.

thank you, universe, HP, and MANA. i am feeling like one lucky lady today. sharing another one of these great vid-yos just to celebrate.

do you doula?

i’ve found myself with the opportunity to devote the rest of the year to completing my doula training.

that is if people will hire me…

 i’m putting it out into the universe. i gotta get this thing done.

 to the people makin’ babies in Columbus, OH

if you’re looking for low-cost doula care between Oct-Jan drop me a line.

i’d love to support you and your family.

share my info with every prego lady you see!

k, thanks!