birth links

oh hey there!

i had a busy, birthy weekend so i felt like sharing a few birth slash child rearing links:

MANA had a couple good links on their facebook feed: A nice round-up of information about common birth interventions and some attention to how out of wack our birth culture has become from the Wall Street Journal.

interested in investing in a good sling for some baby wearing? here’s some info about a sakura bloom sample sale on a friend’s website.

and lastly, i wanted to share some info about the new osu nurse midwifery practice opening up this spring. the columbus birth community is abuzz with anticipation. sending lots of positive vibes to these ladies. it’s great to think about what such a practice could accomplish at a major university medical center and for our community. if you’re in columbus and having a baby anytime after april, consider the midwives at OSU. and guess what, i’ll be your doula!


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